how to come up with a 90s party outfit day-of event

90s outfit elements rest on a bathroom counter, a black choker is draped over rolled-up jean shorts on top of a balled-up black & white flannel button-up shirt

today, I’m attending a members-only event at the Millhouse McKinney – the women’s creative coworking space I joined in January 2020 and now teach home bartending workshops at. it’s the Millhouse’s Membership Engagement Coordinator, and my friend, Whitney’s birthday today. she loves the 90s (not as much as the 80s, but same) so I’m excited for the happy hour and actually going to dress up in a 90s party outfit, which I haven’t before.

so you may as well come along for the ride as I decide for myself.

as I google for ideas, I also remember my sister went to a 90s theme night at a local country dance bar I’m pretty sure. and she’s much more stylish and more regularly well-put-together than I am, so let’s ask her too.

mining your closet for key 90s party outfit options

90s clothes

  • flared jeans
  • double denim
  • crop tops – something I’ve been wanting to incorporate more of into my capsule wardrobe anyway!
  • oversized plaid flannel shirts tied around your waist
  • plaid schoolgirl skirts
  • overalls
  • cargo pants
  • cardigan
  • floral print dress

90s shoes you can still wear now

  • converse
  • chucks
  • combat boots
  • adidas slides
  • platform flip flops
  • clogs
  • keds
  • light up sneakers
  • any sneakers really
  • wooden/hemp wedge sandals

90s accessories

  • fanny packs
  • chokers

90s hair ideas

  • scrunchies
  • hair jewels
  • messy bun + front tendrils
  • butterfly clips… oh, the butterfly clips…

90s makeup ideas

  • thick bottom eyeliner
  • glitter eyeshadow + covergirl lid lockup primer [ affiliate link(link to disclaimer page) ]
  • roll-on glitter upgrade => highlighter 😉
  • burgundy lipstick – or as I call it, maroon
  • french manicure, if you have the time

my 90s party outfit

  • black tank crop top
  • jean shorts
  • plaid shirt around waist
  • black choker
  • black chunky heeled combat-ish booties
  • + citrine necklace because I wear that -ish- with everything

Lately, I’ve been thinking I want to redo my closet and create a more intentional summer capsule wardrobe and fall capsule wardrobe to have staples to select from when creating these theme outfits, for example, so if you’d want to redo your own wardrobe along with me, let me know and I’ll get to creating those resources to send you!

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