hey there. I’m Danielle Garcia — a free-spirit inhabiting the body of a 30-year-old writer living in mckinney, texas.

I’m the creative mind behind this here blog, and also currently drafting my debut fiction novel this fall 2021.

in 2018, I quit my job as an executive assistant to the CEO of a startup in Redondo Beach, CA to travel the country in a 30-foot 1999 Winnebago Brave class A RV. my last week before driving off, the marketing team asked me to stay on remotely writing posts for their blog from the road 2018 – 2019.

since 2019, I’ve been helping my husband, Reid, start his company, Helpful for Life, and create + launch their first online course, Kickstart Your Kitchen.

now, I also teach workshops at the Millhouse McKinney women’s creative co-working space where I’m a founding member (but people of all genders are welcome to attend events, classes + workshops)!

danielle garcia pretending to be a disney princess feeding a chipmunk in the woods

just me livin’ my best life pretending to be a disney princess lost in the woods, feeding a chipmunk…

bio of fun facts: danielle garcia edition

still reading? let’s connect!

I’m @dan13llemgarcia on instagram + twitter, and don’t ever check anything else other than linkedin… and even those only sometimes.