hey there, i’m danielle. wife to reid, dog mom to lincoln, aspiring author of fiction novels, procrastinator extraordinaire, and eternal dreamer & empath.

my site is a good home for your virtual soul if…

  1. you’re curious if journaling might be the next keystone habit you should instill in your daily routine, which you can learn more about through reading selections of my diary firsthand (or you can just satisfy nosiness, which is why i originally started reading blogs anyway), and/or
  2. you’re interested in joining my journey to greater self-fulfillment through intentional personal development, as i share any books, courses, or mindsets that i find helpful, and/or
  3. you’re either thinking about writing a book someday yourself (as i’ll document my writing process) or just interested in reading the stories i’ll write for entertainment and empathy-building purposes.

most days, you can find me trying to plan bottomless brunch with friends, snuggling with reid & lincoln, eating too much mac & cheese or chips & queso or italian cheesy bread from little caesar’s, and encouraging happy hours at all hours of any given day.

i love serving the world by being a friend to others and spreading empathy.

the things I am most passionate about are helping people feel better about themselves, their capabilities, and their path in life, both through sharing my own authentic journey and empowering others by lifting them up.

I hope to inspire and serve people who…

  • struggle with adulting, procrastination, breaking bad habits or sticking to routines
  • need help with goal-setting or planning out their lives
  • are yearning for a sense of purpose or higher calling
  • wish they could finally finish a creative project
  • are looking for someone to relate to with authentic (and embarrassing) struggles many of us share but are too hesitant to reveal
  • desire to have deeper and more meaningful relationships
  • can’t figure out how to make and cultivate friendships as an adult
  • want to travel the world but have a hard time making the leap

in the meantime, as i continue to figure more out about this whole self-embracement thing, please enjoy this list of 7 random things about me:

  1. i was born allergic to all animals with fur or feathers, however have now mostly grown out of it as I forced my way to spend as much time with animals as possible. dogs are my first love.
  2. i took the clifton strengthsfinder test as part of my college summer internship onboarding, and my number one strength is empathy.
  3. i cannot swallow pills. thanks, traumatic-m&m-experience-when-I-was-three. 
  4. you’ll never catch me running for pleasure or even forced exercise. i don’t run. if you see me running, you should probably run too, because i’m being chased.
  5. i chronically start projects that i never finish.

still reading? wonderful, let’s connect…