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september 8, 2021 // 8:11am

good morning on this wild wild wednesday! I call it that because Reid left out of town yesterday, meaning I’m left to my own devices today, which means it gets very wild wild west-y ’round these here parts.

well, I am in the process of locking down a blogging gig, getting to write about all the things I want to be writing about for my own personal development but for a really cool local store and group of women I’m really excited to start blogging some events with… but more on that coming later.

basically, I was trying to say that somehow by procuring this official blog gig, my mindset has shifted and I now feel totally liberated to use my blog to document whatever I want to for myself! muahahahaha! (I always could use my blog like this, it’s my blog, my website, why do I feel I must limit my self-expression to conform to “blogging best practices”?? NO MO’.)

catch-up life 2021

okay so I’d caught my blog records up to the end of 2020, let’s do a 2021 so far recap shall we?

  • started virtual assistant independent contractor job last week of january for 5 hours a week of pocket money and to learn more about copywriting, SEO, and paid search + social media marketing.
  • in february, increased to 10 hours a week, adding 3 clients to my plate.
  • in march, turned 30, added 2 more clients, then last week of march the CEO of the digital marketing agency asked to increase my hours to 20 and change my role to client success manager (like relationship/account management). I agreed to see how I liked the role for april, but stick with 10-15 hours per week.
  • didn’t enjoy the CSM role haha, so told the CEO the first (or second, because procrastination of difficult conversations, yay!) week of may that I wanted to refocus my responsibilities on copywriting and SEO projects.
  • was still feeling like the client projects were pulling more of my time, energy, and focus than I wanted to be diverting away from my own writing, so I quit the digital marketing agency the 2nd to last week of june, and my last day was june 30, 2021.
  • I have 33,000 words as of this morning towards my novel based on taylor swift’s folklore album.
  • I’m committing to publish twelve 333+ word blog posts for the rest of september. then i’ll begin a regular flow moving forward of 12 posts per month for october.
  • also, I’m teaching workshops at the millhouse mckinney creative coworking space! calling it my home bartending series, we learn how to taste + create with a different spirit or cocktail type each month.

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