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idea bank

Ever open up your journal or notebook or iPhone memos, and feel like you’re looking at the scribblings of a madwoman? Anyone? No, just me?

Well, for whoever is with me, I feel your pain.

I’ve been jotting down random bits and pieces of possible story ideas in all kinds of different notebooks since 2016. And now that I’m getting serious about my writing, I’ve been feeling seriously overwhelmed.

What if I’ve already come up with my bestselling novel idea, but it goes unwritten and unnoticed because it’s been lost and forgotten in one of my many haphazard journals?

Therefore, I decided to come up with a system to get organized as an unorganized creative person.

I’ve begun the long, laborious process of reading back through all my diaries and iPhone notes since 2016 to collect and document any story ideas I’ve thought of at one point.

Thankfully, from my re-introduction to keeping a diary due to getting into bullet journaling, whenever I had an idea, for the most part, I marked it in the left margin of my notebook with a “!” signifier.

So, now it’s just a matter of going through and looking through those signifiers. Collecting the ideas into the appropriate category of project along the way. And moving forward, I’ll do this every month or so. That way it’s a much more manageable process to stay organized in the future.

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