dream diary entries june 2020

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monday, june 15, 2020

8:59a – I don’t remember my dreams already except I feel like we were on a houseboat at some point.

thursday, june 18, 2020

8:38am – Disc golf course on a horseback lesson barn land, Reid played with others while I got a tour of an adjoining property with space for just a couple horses + the owner killed his old grey poodle-ish looking dog in front of me! After having his two horses do tricks in their stalls like bow. Then, we couldn’t find Reid’s disc golf bag or my change of clothes in the rows where people store bags while playing, and we had to escape the bad people killing dogs, so I ran to my friend from 3rd grade’s house in the country where her Nana + mom were having a picnic in the front yard with their Sheltie.

friday, june 26, 2020

I was doing this Superman-esque bungee experience with Dad off the side of a building. Playing Red Dead Redemption in real dream life with Reid and asking him to catch me the all black horse but he caught the black horse with light mane and tail. Then we were training puppies by blowing smoke or vapor or air of some sort into their kennel. Then Jenna was doing my nails while Stanton sat chatting with us, and Jenna held a white r-a-t in one arm. Considered doing cartwheels back on this skyscraper rooftop which Taylor Swift had apparently once filmed a music video on turf up there. I remember feeling disappointed by Reid about something (the horse? haha) and wanting to impress him with the way I was handling some deep/difficult conversation with his mom and/or sister.

monday, june 29, 2020

8:34am – I don’t think I even slept long enough to really remember my dream(s).

tuesday, june 30, 2020

1:22pm – dreams from last night – in my dream, I was talking with a friend about how she and her husband had to get this specialized sex toy because his dick is too long to go all the way inside her. XD

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