Hello, world.


It’s me. Starting another blog. As if I didn’t have a whole graveyard of blogs past haunting me.

So, this time, maybe I DON’T announce on Facebook and Instagram that I’m doing this until I make it a true practice and habit for myself. Hopefully, the third time truly is a charm. And hopefully, if I’m clear enough on my “why,” this time, blogging will stick.

Bringing me to – the statement and declaration of my why:

  • My ultimate life’s dream is to become a published, bestselling author one day.
  • In order to experience success as an author, whether self-published or with a publishing house, these days, one needs an online presence and following.
  • But, and maybe most importantly, the road to writing and publishing a book is lengthy, and in order to keep myself accountable and maybe even have some small, helpful impact on or connection with others more expediently, I figure, I may as well share my stories and process online so that if there’s anything in my life that could serve as a lesson or inspiration to others then it has a way to reach them now.

I’ve been thinking lately about how I want to instill diary-ing as the main keystone habit in my life. It’s a practice highly recommended by literally all of the personal development gurus, and I recently found and read through my grade school diaries while in my hometown the first half of this year.

I’ve forgotten so much of my own life, my own story, and I never want to lose my own memories again! So, I shall become, nay, embrace my nature of a diarist and proclaim the benefits to all, meanwhile sharing the journey with my future readers.

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