how to take a tequila shot the most festive way… with cinnamon sugar orange slices

mise en place prep of tequila shots with cinnamon sugar orange slices

today, I attended the millhouse holiday luncheon (that was originally maybe going to be a happy hour I believe, plus I’m the home bartendress, so I’m allowed to walk in with a bottle of tequila at 11:50 am. Also, I just came off of a bachelorette weekend in Key West, so let me tell you, baby shots of watered down tequila is TAME, mmmmkay?) I almost didn’t come to this christmas luncheon just because my travel day back from Key West yesterday was long, but I’m so glad I did because we’re starting a writers’ group at the millhouse! And, I’m always happy to share my favorite way how to take a tequila shot.

how to prep the tequila shots + chasers

[ can be prepped in any order ]

  • Put 5+ heaping teaspoons of granulated sugar in a smaller container with a lid, sprinkle on some cinnamon, stir with the tsp to combine. Repeat sprinkling on more cinnamon and stirring in until it reaches what you deem a happy mixture.
  • Cut up oranges first by slicing into thick rounds, then quartering those rounds, and then halving the quarters that look on the bigger side. Put in a container with a lid (or a serving dish you could put saran wrap over).
  • Go to grab the last of your bottle of Legado reposado tequila and become very unsure that it will be enough for the group. Pour tequila into a plastic squeeze bottle, add a healthy squirt of agave syrup, plus a splash of water, both to stretch your supply and so that you’re not serving people straight tequila on a tuesday midday. Others agreed it was smooth so approved!
cinnamon sugar

how to take a tequila shot

  1. snag an orange slice triangle from the container.
  2. dunk it in the cinnamon sugar.
  3. hold your glass out for Danielle to pour the tequila.
  4. cheers the group with “arriba, abajo, al centro, y dentro!”
  5. down the shot, or sip the sipper.
  6. bite the orange slice and enjoy the festive cinnamon-y sweetness.
orange slice prep

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