lifestyle changes my therapist recommended when I re-started therapy in 2021 + told her I wanted to stay off anxiety meds

therapy journal page

Here are all my notes from my journal page that July 2021 day I went back to therapy after stopping my anxiety meds in October 2020.

my therapist’s recommendations for lifestyle changes to help manage anxiety without medication:

  • start recognizing anxiety’s messages to me –> journal out anxious thoughts
    • “do it tomorrow” = anxiety
  • decrease caffeine —> I was never really a coffee person, but I’m for sure a tea person now
  • put all goals IN WRITING – also share with my writing accountability partner
  • 30 min walk 3x/week —> can also delay/prevent alzheimer’s (not fact-checked, but she said it so I wrote it)
  • eat a variety of fruits + veggies, chicken + fish
    • chemicals in our stomach help keep anxiety + depression away
    • and/or supplement with vitamins below
  • volunteer at manegait —> also started exercise riding a friend’s horse in october 2021
  • yoga —> started going to kundalini yoga at the groovy coop september-october 2021
  • how am I taking care of me?

vitamins I now supplement my diet with daily:

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