Morning Routine for 2020

manifest and chill

My AM Routine — adapted from a YouTuber I started following for her Tarot videos:

  1. Dream journal + write set intentions/dreams/goals for the day, begin drinking water*
  2. Light a candle then meditate 20+ minutes with headphones
  3. Make tea or coffee (with Lion’s mane powder? Possibly ordering from Amazon soon)
  4. Finish DMG Diary-ing (including Tarot daily draw) while drinking tea/coffee, then brush teeth when done
  5. Move body 30+ mins – yoga, walk Lincoln, or elliptical** (…while watching one of my trash TV guilty pleasure shows)
  6. Brush Lincoln for 10+ mins, then get myself ready for the day
  7. Tidy/declutter/clean space if needed
  8. Start taking action on intentions to manifest! (which will most likely be heading to MillHouse for writing and publishing a blog post each workday, aaaand getting a certain word count written towards my RV memoir!)

*Drink 75 oz. water throughout the day. (From Rachel Hollis’ recommendation to drink at least half your body weight in lbs in oz.)

**I ideally want to do cardio 3x/week, then yoga the other 4 days for my exercise routine / regimen.

Smile anytime I see myself in the mirror or am face-to-face with others! =D A positive attitude is important for believing I have the power to make my dreams come true. <3

Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash

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