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I am a type B, go-with-the-flow, easy-going, Piscescapism (as I like to call it) kind of person for sure.

This is great for my level of patience and ability to relax blatantly in the face of a massive to-do list, but, not so great for my whole, you know, capacity to be productive.

I feel like I don’t see that many type B bloggers, specifically. I love me some Rachel Hollis, Jenna Kutcher, Melyssa Griffin, and many more, but they are all kinds of ambitious, driven, and truly care about learning and being a lady boss at the business side of things.

I really don’t want to have to concern myself with the biz planning for how I’m going to make money blogging. In an ideal world, I write and create whatever I wish to share, and then somehow, money miraculously just appears in my account from doing what I love.

But maybe this is my challenge to accept. If I want to make a living from blogging, I’ll have to figure out how to get my type B butt in gear and learn to love mastering the business side of working for myself as a necessary hurdle to living my dream life.

If you similarly struggle with procrastination and general “don’t-wanna-adult” syndrome, join me on my quest to overcome my own inertia!

First, I attempt to implement an idea-organization system for a creative person

I like to think of myself as organized enough. (The state of my pantry before my very organized mom helped me sort it out this past weekend though… she’d tell you that’s another story. =D) I can find items when I need them, and at least I’ve been documenting ideas somewhere over the past few years.

The problem is, now I don’t even remember the extent of all the creative project ideas I’ve had in the past, nor if they’re in my iPhone notes, or a Google Doc, or any one of the multitudes of notebooks I’ve kept.

So, step one is to do an idea inventory and collect them all in one place, organized by if they were a blog post idea, a random book idea, or an idea that could be slotted away with the intention of going into a particular novel project I already have an assortment of ideas for.

Stay tuned to hear about exactly how I end up going about this. My intention for the next few days is to make a Google Sheets with a separate sheet for each type of idea, then collect from my journals accordingly.

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    1. I decided this month is for free-writing new stuff (as long as I’m posting/typing up for publishing parts of it), I can always get organized next month! 🤣

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