Tarot Tuesday: My Daily Spread

daily tarot spread

I started out doing my daily tarot reading at the beginning of the day, but then I would get excited and distracted by tarot and it would be harder to start writing. So, yesterday I tried a daily routine where I enjoy it as my hobby in the evening and I loved it!

The DMG Daily Spread

I lay these out as: card 1, then card 2 directly below 1, then card 3 to the right in a new column on its own and vertically centered.

Card 1 – Dream message

Message/guidance from my dreams/spirit guides/ancestors — can be a continuing conversation where I ask a question one night then read the next night’s card 1 as a replying message.

Card 2 – Mindful focus for the day

This is my card to fulfill the “daily draw” practice some people call a Card of the Day (COTD), where I record observations about when I can tie in that card with things that happened for me that day.

Card 3 – Go take action, do the things!

What to do next toward a goal, project, or outline to write about tomorrow!

Lastly, I’ve started connecting the message between this reading’s 3 cards. I tell the story, “Here’s my lesson to learn from today, so here’s what I’ll be aware of and take notice of while reviewing today, and then what to do next with the wisdom gained from this cycle/session.”

Daily Reading for Mon.4.13.20

Card 1 = queen of wands

Sunday night was my first time to get the inspiration to use this card as a continuing message with previous readings, and I ended my Sunday night session by asking the question, “Who is my higher self? My future best self? What does she do, how does she show up in the world?”

The queen of wands to me talks about the power of pursuing passions and manifesting dreams. She is the epitome of embodying passionate creative energy and putting creations out into the world. I feel this is encouragement for how I planned out my Monday on Sunday night and then flowed to adjust the exact order of schedule, but accomplished everything I intended!

Card 2 = nine of wands (reversed)

I need to pick a passion project for myself, pluck it from the possible opportunities based on what I want without too much regard for what other people might think or not like as much as me, then see it through to completion. I woke up with the intention to write and publish a blog post, then I did. Then last night, as I did this reading, I outlined and brainstormed for this very post to set myself up for success for today.

Card 3 = knight of pentacles (reversed)

When this card is reversed, it looks like the horse’s head points to the queen in card 1, and it also looks as if the queen is looking at the knight, who almost looks as if he’s belly up, submissive to do her will. The knight of pentacles is the only one of the knights whose horse is standing still instead of moving, so to me, this card says to stay steady in my structure to keep executing on my dreams to manifest!

Takeaway Summary

So, my lesson to learn from Monday, April 13th was that I can mindfully design my days to make notable progress and enjoy the process on my way to manifesting my dreams. I noticed how when I picked a project that was achievable within the 3-hour morning writing block, then did the work to follow through, it felt amazing to have published a promise to myself! And finally, I can have clarity in knowing to keep consistent with these daily routines + habits for as long as it’s working for me, which seems to be my best plan so far.

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